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Join Empire Avenue Leaders NOW , the best is yet to come

Martie 31, 2015

Empire Kred

In March 2014 Empire Avenue started The Empire Avenue Leaders program to enable members to take full advantage of everything the site has to offer , supercharge their online networking and to have a voice in the development and progress of the site.

This week the initiative celebrated its first birthday and Empire Avenue management signalled the start of celebrations with this announcement

Happy birthday leaders! It’s been a full year since we launched the
Empire Avenue Leaders program. You ALL stepped up to support EA…
some by volunteering your time and talents and every single one of
you by paying to join the Leaders. Everyone at Empire Avenue is
pleased and amazed by your outpouring of support for the game.

Time to celebrate!

The Empire Avenue Leaders group now has over 890 members all of whom made one payment of $100 to join and enjoy the benefits .


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Vote for your favourite Photos in the Empire Avenue Photography Contest – March 2015

Martie 29, 2015

Vote for your favourite Photos in the Empire Avenue Photography Contest – March 2015.

The goosebumps test: Science has found the emotion you need to stay healthy

Martie 28, 2015

Spanish cities renamed after Islamic kingdoms in Google Maps prank –

Martie 23, 2015

SoLoMo Consulting

Unknown Google Maps users altering names of Spanish towns to reflect their former status as Islamic kingdoms


As I have said in a hundred blogs or more, maintaining a national accurate map data-set is a costly exercise. It takes time, local knowledge, a lot of relationships and a passion for your country.

It has been interesting spending 8 years in one of those companies to see on one side, staff working really hard to get every single street name right, or making sure the speed zone or intersection controls are accurate and current, mapping road centre lines to sub 15cm with a car that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then having major brands of car navigation and fleet management putting the squeeze on price so they can sell their product for a pittance.

When you devalue knowledge or provide open source access to modifying the core…

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