Driving Mr. Dups

Empirical Leanings

For the first time in six years I am driving into work on a daily basis. My policy has always been to live near work so that I would not have to deal with commuter traffic, but with my decision to move to downtown Edmonton I am no longer a stone’s throw away from the office. This means that every morning I shove myself into the daily streams of motor-vehicular run-off.

And this means dealing with other drivers on a regular basis.

One of the great failings of the Internet has been the ability for people to be annoying anonymously. Hardly anyone would be mean to people if you had to go have a chat with that person face-to-face. The same holds true for drivers. We’re cocooned in our little four doors, strapped to our seats and touching the road vicariously through the steering wheel, gears and the pedals. In…

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