Photos: Winter Through Scandinavian Eyes #instawinter

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Scandinavian Winter

Winter always amuses me and probably it is because I lived and worked in tropical countries most of my life. I thought I would do something different with this post and do a Winter Theme post. So where to look for some amazing winter pictures? Scandinavia!!!

I have several Instagram friends from Scandinavian countries and I’ve been looking at some amazing winter images. So I decided to contact them and get the permission to feature their image in this blog. They were all so happy to give me the permission to feature there Scandinavian Winter Images here.

The winter images are from people who live in the Scandinavian countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. I’m not getting into any political argument if Finland a Scandinavian country or not. I found some beautiful winter pictures from Finland too and I am adding it here.

All the images are from my Instagram…

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