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Photos: Winter Through Scandinavian Eyes #instawinter

Februarie 23, 2014

Avial Blog

Scandinavian Winter

Winter always amuses me and probably it is because I lived and worked in tropical countries most of my life. I thought I would do something different with this post and do a Winter Theme post. So where to look for some amazing winter pictures? Scandinavia!!!

I have several Instagram friends from Scandinavian countries and I’ve been looking at some amazing winter images. So I decided to contact them and get the permission to feature their image in this blog. They were all so happy to give me the permission to feature there Scandinavian Winter Images here.

The winter images are from people who live in the Scandinavian countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. I’m not getting into any political argument if Finland a Scandinavian country or not. I found some beautiful winter pictures from Finland too and I am adding it here.

All the images are from my Instagram…

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Superheroes should be fun

Februarie 22, 2014

Superheroes should be fun.

The Gaming of the Game that is Empire Avenue

Februarie 16, 2014

The Gaming of the Game that is Empire Avenue.

Week – #19 Thoughts and Thinking

Februarie 14, 2014

Leadership Without Being in Charge

Haanel begins lesson nineteen: Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood.

This, in turn, paralyzes the muscular system, so that fear affects the entire being, tween5and6body, brain and nerve, physical, mental, and muscular.

Of course the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power. What is this mysterious vital force which we call power? We do not know, but then, neither do we know what electricity is.

Last week he said all thought is sourced from Universal Mind.   You may choose the thoughts you attract however.  You may even learn how to attract different thoughts.  Fear is a consequence of your ‘thinking’ with thoughts in a certain way. You could just as easily ‘think’ with different thoughts or in a different way to produce some other form of ‘thinking’.   While there may be something to fear…

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Week – #19 Thoughts and Thinking

Februarie 14, 2014

Week – #19 Thoughts and Thinking.

Mission Quality Grading (in BETA)

Februarie 7, 2014

Mission Quality Grading (in BETA).

Mission Quality Grading (in BETA)

Februarie 7, 2014

Empire Kred

We’ve pushed up a couple updates for Missions which we will be testing over the weekend.

When you create a Mission you will now be greeted with an automated assessment of “Mission Quality”. The grades for Mission Quality go from A-F (F is not so good) and is scored based on an algorithm that we will be updating constantly. The algorithm takes into account not only what the community has told us, but also where we as a company and as a team believe Missions shine. The Mission Quality Grade is only visible to the Mission Creator and Empire Avenue! 

We want you to engage people with catchy content, good headlines, great descriptions and then reward them to discover your content, your profiles and your networks. Use your imagination and come up with great marketing to encourage people to take your Missions over others.

Initially we are not using these…

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