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Healing from Sexual Abuse – A Transformational Journey – Part 20

Decembrie 14, 2013

Changethroughtransformation's Weblog

Okay so I didn’t go to bed.  I am aware that I am fighting myself and this process.  I am really struggling with vulnerability and what that means.  I can’t get past the belief that vulnerability and weakness are one in the name.  It really doesn’t matter what I was taught or why I have that belief system.  What matters is that I accept it, change it and live the rest of my life differently.

Spirit Dad:  Sounds like that makes you angry.  You got it intellectually again, but Mary look at the heart and see with the heart.  The same as you would with anyone else, do for yourself.

Mary:  When I do that, I don’t like what I see and then I don’t like myself and then I reject myself and I call myself names.

Spirit Dad:  That is productive.

Mary:  How does one get okay with vulnerability? …

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Empire Avenue gives virtual rewards for its social network butterflies (exclusive)

Decembrie 13, 2013

Week – #10 Are You Cause or an Effect?

Decembrie 10, 2013

Leadership Without Being in Charge

Haanel this week asserts, The ordinary man, who has no definite knowledge of cause and effect, is governed by his feelings or emotions.

Haanel does not make a clear distinction between ‘having thoughts’ and ‘thinking’.  Most people seem to believe that ‘having thoughts’ is no different than thinking.  Sorry but receiving thoughts one is immersed in is no different than watching a television for your ‘programming.’

He thinks chiefly to justify his action.everythingisconnected

The subconscious is a receiver, like any radio or television. Some say it is a friend and others wonder just who it is working for.  The conscious mind has the ability to ‘think’ a different tune.  However, most of what people do is out of subconscious habit and then justify their behavior afterwards.  Regardless of who or when the programming took place, operating as a robot or machine is still being completely at ‘effect’ of something not…

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Week – #10 Are You Cause or an Effect?

Decembrie 10, 2013

Week – #10 Are You Cause or an Effect?.