Empire Avenue Follows, New Home Dashboard and more!

Empire Kred

I’m happy to announce that we have many changes being moved live today.

Your Profile

There have been a number of changes to your Profile pages, mostly moving items into a single location for anything Social Market related. If a person has purchased any shares recently (within the last 30 days), the time of the last transaction will also appear in this box.



We are happy to also announce a new addition to your Profile page — the “Follow” button.

Under everyone’s profile picture you will see a new “Follow” button. Following on Empire Avenue means that you will be following the Missions that they create. Missions from people you Follow will appear on your Empire Avenue Home Page.


Empire Avenue Home Page

This is the first page you normally land on when you login to Empire Avenue. There are a number of changes to this page. “Highlighted Missions”…

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