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Micasa Club – Free Global Travel

Iunie 30, 2013

Micasa Club – Free Global Travel.

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week

Iunie 30, 2013

Our 5 favourite new Windows Phone apps of the week.

Sony Mobile Debuts SmartWatch 2

Iunie 26, 2013

The Main Street Analyst

Sony Mobile has unveiled SmartWatch 2 SW2, its third-generation smart watch, at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai.

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Stylish Flytecam action camera is attractive in more ways than one

Iunie 26, 2013


With more manufacturers than ever making action cameras, it's a great time for point-of-view photography. There's one thing uniting the overwhelming majority of action cams on the market, though: by and large, they're clunky and unattractive-looking, especially when wrapped in their waterproof housings. A new entry to the action camera market promises an altogether more attractive alternative – and not just in the visual sense. The Flytecam body is also extremely attractive to the neodymium magnet that holds it in its Flytemount camera…

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Update on Google Glasses

Iunie 20, 2013

Sergey Brin Project Glasses

Since I reported yesterday about the Google Glasses there has been a much bigger development. It has been reported that on that very train journey he took, he released some very important information. They are going to be shipping them to cash rich developers within the next few months.

„I told Mr. Brin that I know a few people who are eagerly looking forward to the Glass Foundry events. He told me that the Explorer Edition would be shipping out to devs in a couple of months.”

[Via Techradar]

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Definition Of Adultery: Lady Tree

Iunie 8, 2013

Definition Of Adultery: Lady Tree.

Playtox Raises $3M From Runa Capital To Take Its App Store-Shunning Mobile Browser MMOs Global

Iunie 4, 2013


Playtox, the Russian developer of free-to-play mobile browser-based games, has closed a $3 million Series A round of funding from VC firm Runa Capital. The company said it will use the funding to expand on the startup’s massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles „globally,” including the U.S., as well as in emerging markets.

Playtox has largely targeted Russia and other CIS countries to date – garnering 25 million registered users and chalking up 65 million hours of game play – in addition to launching in Southern Asia and Latin America. Along with international growth, the company says it plans to use the additional capital – its first external funding round – to further develop the HTML5-based technologies that power its MMO lineup. Current titles include World of Shadows, My Farm and Gangsta.

Unsurprisingly, the company is talking up its decision to shun native mobile apps and instead develop for…

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